Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Very Quick Scarf for James

My daughter mentioned she wanted a scarf for her boyfriend, James, for Christmas.  It occurred to me that I had some leftover washable wool yarn in what I recalled was two colors of brown/beige, so I offered to work up a scarf for him.  When I found the yarn I had in mind, I had too little of the one color (the medium color in the photo) but plenty of the two other browns, so I just went to it with those three colors.

I used all half double crochets, varying only the occasional row of BLO or FLO to create some visual interest more than just the stripes and colors.  The medium color is also sport weight while the other two colors are worsted weight.

I made this scarf, from beginning to having all the ends woven in, in about four hours.  That's remarkable for me as I'm not a fast crocheter.  My husband kindly modeled it for me as he is about the same height as James.  Naturally - n.a.t.u.r.a.l.l.y. my daughter thinks the scarf is too short.  James has never had a scarf before so he thinks it's fine.  I told him that if he wanted a longer scarf, he could just say the word and I'd make him one.

So, the moral of the story might be:
1. check the dimensions first;
2. just make the scarf you want;
3. don't offer your services (or yarn) in future.

Fortunately, I'm quite fond of James, so I'd happily make him another scarf with or without my daughter's approval.


  1. Like this, making for my son. Thx you. Susan M J

    1. That's quite a compliment. Would love to see a pic of the scarf you make, Susan!

    2. Like the pattern, JD, AND the colors!! Thanks for sharing how it's made :)

    3. My pleasure Suzy. Thanks so much for the positive feedback.