Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thrifty Package Toppers

I LOVE the idea of using some of your leftover yarn to create stunning package toppers like the ones pictured here.  You can see this and other thrifty ideas for Christmas gifting here.

These look like they are made with scraps of LB Homespun yarn or something similar.  I think you wouldn't have to save this idea just for Christmas.  This would work perfectly for any holiday, making use of the appropriate yarn scraps you have on hand.

I could even see the one on the left used as a brooch for the lapel of your winter coat.  Wouldn't that be smashing?  Put on your creative thinking hat and share what other good ideas you can come up with.  We'll all enjoy reading about them and seeing them if you have a picture.  Thanks in advance for the inspiration!

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