Tuesday, December 16, 2014

An Inspiring Crochet Blog - no, not this one!

I troll the internet all the time in search of crochet inspiration.  Mostly, I find plenty of free patterns that I would not spend my time to make, either because they are items for which I have no interest or they are of poor quality.  Also, while I'm a fan of vintage look crochet work, I am not a fan of 'vintage' crochet instructions, or the lack thereof.  I leave it to people far smarter than I to translate those vintage patterns into a crochet language I can understand.

Once in a while, I run across a blog that is full of inspiration, coupled with free patterns and a clear enthusiasm for crochet.  Those blogs I bookmark and often sign up to follow so I don't miss any chances for further inspiration.

This blog is one of the good ones.  It's just full of cute, original crochet projects many of which are small and easy.  So many crocheters are looking for things to work up for craft shows, gifting, and their own enjoyment.  When I come across a blog full of such inspiration, I want to share with all of my readers.

Please take the time to scroll through all of Donna's many pages of crochet.  You'll see her unique 'take' on fairly simple projects that add a fresh twist to make them timely and appealing.  If you want American Doll patterns, this is a good place to look.  Same for links to vintage patterns, craft show quickies, and wonderful gifts.

These mittens are part of a set of scarf, cap, and purse.  Nothing special about mittens - except the color block technique which adds a fun twist.  Get the free pattern here.

Donna has a number of designs that incorporate pop tops in them.  I think this lion is so cute!  See it here.

I love this afghan which has unique top stitched stars on it.  You can get the pattern for yourself here. 

These adorable little lady bugs are also Donna's design, using a couple of pop tops each.  How cute!  She offers her free pattern here.

There's so much more at Donna's site.  American Girl and Barbie size clothing, many baby garments, lots of flowers, and all kinds of things you might not have realized that you need right now!  So, do yourself a favor and get on over to the blog and plan to spend some time surfing and dreaming and drooling.  Such fun!

Feel free to share your favorite pattern here.  I'd love to see which of Donna's projects appeal to the most readers. 

Get the free Gingerbread House pattern here.

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