Monday, December 1, 2014

Crochet Kim's Bling-y Cowl

Kim Guzman has created this stunning cowl that uses only single crochets (not my faves) that result in a luxurious moebius that will make a wonderful gift for a dear friend (or for yourself).  The yarn Kim uses is a pricey, delicious yarn called LaBoheme from Fiesta Yarns.  The colors are delicious too, don't you think?

A similar but much more affordable yarn choice for this one might be Lion Brand's Moonlight Mohair or Amazing yarn. I've purchased both of those at local big box stores and they both come in a nice array of colors.

So, here's what you might consider..  Buy the pricey yarn for yourself then buy some of the less expensive stuff to make gifts for others.  They'll never know and you'll enjoy luxuriating in the knowledge that you have saved money on gifts but splurged on yourself. 

Here's the link to Kim's free pattern:

Gets me in the spirit of giving!

La Boheme" from Fiesta Yarns
La Boheme" from Fiesta Yarns

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