Friday, December 19, 2014

Crochet A Handle

This is not technically a crocheted handle.  It's actually a braided necklace which you can see more about here.

But, I'm always looking for a way to recycle, repurpose, and reuse in my crocheting and crafting.  And, I totally dislike those purchased plastic, wood, or chain handles for purses.  They hurt my arm and are uncomfortable to hold for very long IMO.

This braided idea would work really well for a crochet purse or tote.  The crafter who created the necklace above used t-shirt fabric to make the braid.  I could see the same look obtained with chunky yarn, multiple strands of smaller yarn, strips of polar fleece, or strips of fabric - whatever would match the look of your purse/tote and would potentially make use of materials you already own.

I usually save my husband's worn out t-shirts as cloths for cleaning and dusting.  As you may already know, I don't do much of either of those chores.  No fun - and I have pretty low standards around my house.  Housework is simply not my forte.  But, that really soft, cotton fabric that's been worn, washed, and dried for many years is very soft on the skin and gets me to thinking of more enjoyable ways to use it.

So, I'll try to make a tote from some yarn and braid comfy handles for it.  Like the idea?

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