Monday, December 22, 2014

Just In Time For New Year's Eve

Kim Guzman has been one of my favorite crochet designers for a long time.  She has a genuine sense of what people seem to want in wearables.  When I saw this fresh, new, free pattern on her site, my mind went immediately to a pretty piece for a special occasion.  New Year's Eve is always very cold in these parts.  There's still time to work up one of these beauties for yourself or a dear one for party time.

Should you so choose, this would be a really nice piece to make to match various outfits.  Imagine a belt, earrings, and this necklace setting off a nice business suit.  Dressy without being too much, you know?  Since I love beads, I like the idea of dangling a couple of special beads or crystals in that central position.  However, if you are not into beads, just leave that circle plain.  It would still be stunning.

For New Year's Eve or another special evening event, this would be smashing crocheted in a metallic yarn like Kreinik or something similar.  I would love to see what others come up with, so if you crochet one, will you please leave a link here for me to follow to see your work?  Hook on!

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