Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Universal Crochet Towel Hanger

You may have already seen one like this or have come up with it on your own, but this is my own invention because I've never seen it before.  I made a bunch of these as Christmas gifts this year.  I purchased a 12 pack of nice quality hand towels at Costco, matched two of each color as a gift, then crocheted a towel holder for each pair.  These were mostly for my kids who live in small, very old houses with small kitchens.  One kitchen  has no cabinet hardware.  One has brass handles that leave wet towels rubbing against oak wood cabinets.  One has tiny knobs on painted cabinet fronts.  They all suffered from the same problem - no place to hang their kitchen towels.  Mom to the Rescue!

This is one of the easiest projects you'll ever make.  You need a few yards of worsted weight yarn (or any weight yarn you want) in your preferred color and a suitable hook (I used an H hook) and a pack of inexpensive stretchy headbands from the Dollar Store.  I chose the headband bag that had browns and blacks in the package.  They come in other colors too.  I used the narrower headbands.

So, now follow this intricate pattern.  Using your hook and yarn, sc around the headband then hdc into each sc around..  Voila, you have the towel holder!  The only tricky part is how to take this circular object and make it fit over all those various things you might want to hang a towel on.  I hope my pictures will be helpful.  The description would take a thousand words, so I'll omit it.  Just practice a bit, using my photos to guide you.

If you wish, you can add another row to the simple one row covering of the headband I've made.  My only concern here is that you don't want to have the headband be stretched out from the yarn covering it alone.  Best to leave some stretch to it.  While you can use a non-stretchy circle to attain the same end, I like the way a crochet covered stretchy band will hold onto that towel.

This configuration works for all applications.  Basically, you'll wrap your circle around whatever knob/hook/bar you want to use and tuck one end inside the other:

Okay, I'm not a great photographer.  But, my dear husband makes a good hand model, don't you think?  He was very kind and patient as I tried to get this finished while the poor guy was just trying to eat his lunch!

Hope you like this.  If you run into a problem from my 'pattern' or anything else, shoot me an email.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! This would be very handy in my kitchen! Thank you again!