Friday, January 9, 2015

Here's A Crochet Idea I Really Like

Here's a fresh, new idea from Red Heart.  At the beginning of each month, they'll post a video and instructions to crochet (and knit) a cowl using a different (and maybe new to you) stitch.  Why do I like this idea?

I'm not the world's greatest fan of RH yarns.  I use them and they are cost effective and readily available, but some of the dyes they use in their worsted acrylic have become quite harsh on my hands.  They're usually fine after being laundered a couple of times, but right out of the skein, they are not wonderful.  But, I can follow their videos and instructions even if I use some other company's yarn.

But, my number one reason for liking this idea is that every month, it focuses on a single, smallish project that many people can use.  These smaller projects also are less expensive than investing in say, a full sized afghan, when you may begin to hate that stitch after the first half skein.  i hate that!  And, it's a trap I've fallen into many times.

With a project like a scarf or cowl, the investment of time, energy, and money is equal to the size of the project.  Quick and done before you can become totally bored with it.  That really works well for me.

Also, this will likely encourage more contributions to charity for al those cowls made in warmer climates or after you've given a cowl to everyone you've ever known.  You gotta do something with all those cowls or scarves.  So, make them to learn the new stitches and donate them to charity.  You'll learn more crochet in a disciplined way and wear it yourself or give it away - to a family member, a friend, or to charity.

I can't wait to get started on my first RH cowl.  I'm actually enamored of cowls right now because it is painfully cold on my walks and I want my mouth and nose covered from the cold.  Why not do that in style?

Here's a raw link to the RH site that explains more -and a contest there you can enter to win some yarn:

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