Thursday, January 22, 2015

Crochet Hearts Rock!

I'm SURE it makes perfect sense for most people that you'd use pretty yearn and this delicate heart design to cover soap, but my mind went immediately to - rocks!  I love river rocks.  They are so smooth, come in such a variety of colors, and can be purchased for a few cents or even found in a creek bed for free (with the proper permission, of course).

If you aren't familiar with river rocks or don't have a creek bed near you, they look like these.
The rocks in this image are polished but you can buy them unpolished (my preference).  The ones in this image come from Home Depot but you can find them at landscaping and hardware stores everywhere.

Embellished with crochet designs like the pretty hearts above, with beads and buttons, simple, inexpensive river rocks can become prized decor items, paper weights, and good luck charms.  A certain neurologist of my acquaintance is also a fan of such rocks and I gifted her with a couple I had decorated with jeweler's wire and beads for use as paper weights.

I like the idea of these sweet little hearts.  If you give one to your husband for his desk at work or his lunchbox, he will think of you at least once every day!

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