Friday, November 28, 2014

Crochet Dreaming

So, how do YOU find time to crochet?  After all the day's activities, I find that it's about 9 PM before I get to sit down to crochet.  And, since I'm a slow crocheter, it takes me quite a while to complete a project.  It also doesn't help that:

I have a short attention span;
I feel compelled to write every day (about something);
I am not terribly well organized;
I have way too many projects in mind, thus;
I have way too many works in progress at any given time.

That about covers it.  I do not have time that I read about others using for crochet.  I don't commute so no time to crochet while riding a bus or train to and from work.  I'm the main driver, so no time to crochet on road trips.

Boy, it sure sounds like I've got a lot of complaints!  The main thing is that crochet, for me, is supposed to be a hobby - an enjoyable, leisure activity.  But, since I'm a teacher at heart and hyperactive, before I realize it,  I find a way to turn most hobbies into some sort of 'cause'.

I teach crochet as enrichment in the school where I volunteer.  I founded and continue to helm (although it's not a very big job) a crochet club.  I feel compelled to share about my crochet by writing about it.  I guess for someone who didn't learn to crochet until I was 50 years old, I'm doing pretty well with all this.  The learning curve was very easy for me once I finally could 'see' the stitches.  It just all clicked one day, after having failed catastrophically in earlier attempts.  I went from zero to sixty in about 20 minutes and I've never looked back!

I have some great coping skills when it comes to prioritizing.  Crochet or house work?  Crochet, of course.  Crochet or laundry?  Hmmm.  That I can balance and do both.  Crochet or walk (see my other blog)?  I gotta walk.  I just gotta.  And, I cannot walk and crochet at the same time. Crochet or look at all the wonderful crochet blogs online?  Gotta check them out, don't I?  Crochet or sleep?  Plenty of nights I choose crochet.

I'm not recommending my 'coping skills' when it comes to crochet.  You'd have to have the sweet, accommodating, cooking-loving, mess-ignoring husband I have (and you MAY NOT have him).  So, I guess I'll muddle along this way unless someone has some magical cure for my dilemma.  Sound off, please, if you do!

That picture above is My Brain On Yarn but you can see where it came from originally by looking here.

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